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Luxury vinyl flooring from P&Q Flooring

Luxury vinyl was originally introduced in the 1930's as a flooring solution intended to stand up to the abuse of areas of high-traffic activity; where there was likely to be high humidity; or even the expectation of standing water.

Back then, though it was an effective and durable solution for those problems, it really lacked the aesthetic appeal required for consideration as a viable flooring option outside of those particular applications. For many years it was considered to be a sort of consolation prize for homeowners who couldn't afford the higher price tag of its natural counterparts.

However, with recent advances in digital printing and imaging technologies, luxury vinyl has experienced a renaissance of popularity, due to the fact that manufacturers are now able to produce strikingly crisp and realistic recreations of a number of natural flooring options, such as stone, wood, and ceramic or porcelain, tile while still maintaining the famous affordability of luxury vinyl when compared to its counterparts.

Nowadays, luxury vinyl is able to recreate the look of these highly desirable natural materials so well that even a trained eye can be easily fooled.

Luxury vinyl flooring is extremely durable and waterproof

As we noted earlier, luxury vinyl was originally intended for use in high-traffic areas, such as businesses, and for areas where standing moisture or humidity are a reasonable expectation. As much as the aesthetic qualities of luxury vinyl have changed, it's durability and ability to withstand water have not.

This makes luxury vinyl the perfect choice for rooms where other flooring options are simply not advisable, such as basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. This means you can have the warm, inviting appeal of wood in areas that would otherwise be unsuitable due to the likelihood of damage to the floor from standing water.

Luxury vinyl is considered a green product

Luxury vinyl is made from 100% vinyl. This means that it is not a contributor to some of the environmental concerns that come with other flooring options, such as open-pit quarrying or deforestation. Another environmentally attractive aspect of luxury vinyl is the fact that it uses considerably less water to produce than many of its flooring counterparts.

Luxury Vinyl offers green building standards and, when used in commercial applications, is even eligible for LEED points.
Low maintenance luxury vinyl flooring in Lawrenceville, GA from P&Q Flooring

Luxury vinyl is very low maintenance and easy to clean

Luxury vinyl is also an attractive flooring material for households that wish to avoid having a floor that requires a lot of maintenance or special tools to keep clean.

Requiring only a bit of regular sweeping, and the occasional pass with a mop to keep in tip-top condition, luxury vinyl is the perfect choice for busy households that don't have time to pay too much attention to the cleaning and maintenance of their floors.

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