Can you afford cheap flooring?

Once you have decided that the old flooring or carpet you’ve been living with for the past ump-teen years has absolutely GOT TO GO… The selection and purchase process begins. Different people have a different and somewhat unique priority list that they have established to use as a guide. Here’s some examples of what we’ve seen here at P&Q Flooring over the years:

Customer A: (1) Price (2) Quality (3) Service (4) Installation (5) Reputation

Customer B: (1) Quality (2) Service (3) Price (4) Reputation (5) Installation

Customer C: (1) Price (2) Price (3) Price (4) Price (5) Price

Customer D: (1) Convenience (2) Selection (3) Quality (4) Price (5) Service

The list can change depending on certain variables that can be different depending on the situation. If you have investment property or you’re marketing the house for sale, your decision may be very price driven. However, if you are purchasing for your primary residence, expect to be in the home for years to come and have an active family lifestyle with kids/pets, your priority list can and should change. Flooring and carpet options vary greatly in price and quality, starting with entry level and progressing upward and through the middle-to-better range of products. Matching the quality and warranty of the product to your expectations and projected duration cycle are key components to realizing real value in the purchase. 

We do replacement projects for customers with regularity that are not happy with the way their last purchase performed, and even less satisfied with the fact they needed to change it in a relatively short period of time. We typically find that they purchased a product from a “big box” store, or national discount warehouse. Many times they pulled the trigger because the price was budget friendly, and the sales associate didn’t take the time to offer a range of price/quality options. The customer soon found that the flooring or carpet they purchased began to look worn quickly, wouldn’t release stains and dirt well, or worse began to fall apart quite literally under their feet. 

At P&Q Flooring, we have a trained and experienced sales team to help our clients navigate the selection process. We explain the features and benefits associated with the products and more importantly, offer perspective on how the product will perform in the years to come. There is an adage in our industry that has remained true over time and that is: “Only RICH people can afford cheap flooring.” This is a big reason why we have repeat and referral customers from Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Roswell, P’tree Corners, Brookhaven, East Cobb… basically the entire north metro Atlanta area. 

Regardless if you're looking for Luxury Vinyl, Carpet, Laminate or need refinishing services, you can count on P&Q Flooring to give you honest answers and provide competitive pricing along with quality options designed specifically for your needs!