Many of us wake up in our house every day usually with the same routine: eat, drive, work, and go back home. It gets boring after a while. But there exists a way to add luxury to your life and improve your routine. It is as simple as changing the floor you walk on. Every step you take in a new floor will give you comfort and make your feet bounce with joy.

Buying some new flooring is a definite game changer and makes your old flooring look dull and mediocre in comparison. If your house had previous owners maybe you need to add your own personalization to the house to truly make it yours wherever you walk. Buying Shaw, Mohawk, Dixie Home carpet from P & Q Flooring can help change that.

High quality carpets range from maximum comfort to something minimalist. If you have pets they also offer carpets that are pet friendly for your best friend. Your pets would also appreciate Shaw's carpet as it can actually reduce living conditions for them if you choose a poor carpet. Not to mention it would facilitate easier vacuuming and simple maintenance.

Avoid the hassle and take a look at the samples P & Q Flooring has to offer at our showrooms in Doraville and newly opened Johns Creek location!